New features in version 3

Events player

  • New events player with the same features as the others.
  • Ability to include several files in one event without using sequences or playlists.
  • Ability to add and remove files from an event at any time, even while is being played.
  • Now it displays all the events of the day, rather than the 15 next minutes.
  • New schedule editor for advertising. It allows you to define in a single playlist all the advertising blocks of the day and save them for a concrete date or weekday. The advertising schedule is merged with the events created in the traditional way.

Audio explorer and database

  • New audio explorer, replacing the file tree.
  • It allows you to create several tabs pointing to different folders.
  • Apart from hard disk folders, it allows you to create audio databases. Using the database, you can define audio attributes and extended marks.
  • The database allows you to define a tree category structure.
  • New marks for audios in the database: start, intro, fade-in, end, outro, fade-out, mix in, mix out and end type (with or without fade).
  • Notifications service, which allows the database data to be refreshed automatically in all the network terminals.
  • New random music algorithm for audios in the database. It allows you to choose the random level of the selection. A random level, for example, set to 20, will choose songs taken into account the 20% of the audios that have not been played for a longer time.

New jingles palette

  • Redesigned user interface.
  • The jingle buttons now can be pressed on any point, not just on the number.
  • The playback progress is displayed on the button background, without using pop-up windows.
  • The remaining time is also displayed on the button.
  • You can now set a different audio device for the jingles palette.

Other improvements

  • Support for AAC+ files and streams (requires Windows 7 or higher).
  • Improvements in the options dialog.
  • Improvements in the user interface: the main tool bar has been replaced by a button bar with bigger buttons, the menu bar has been removed, new progress bar for the players, colorful vumeters.
  • Audio recorder.
  • Improvements in the RDS information (CurrentSong.txt): when using the database, you can choose which audio types will be displayed.
  • The application settings and the events are stored in text files rather than in the Windows registry.

New features in version 2.2

Satellite and local disconnections

  • The line-in rebroadcast feature has been completely redesigned. Now it has the following features:
    • It allows to connect to 2 different satellite sources.
    • It lets you receive satellite audio through one card and play it on another one.
    • Vumeters now display satellite audio level.
    • Satellite audio is processed by the AGC.
    • It works with sound cards that do not allow to enable and disable the line-in port through Windows mixer.
    • It works on Windows Vista/7.
  • When enabling satellite sound through the top tool bar buttons, the main player is automatically stopped. Furthermore, when the main player is activated, satellite audio is stopped.
  • A new telecommand reception system through serial port has been added (it requires a compatible system at the mother station).
  • When using disconnections based on DTMF tones, the program does not stop satellite audio if there are no pending events.


  • It allows to set intro time in songs.
  • New meter that displays the play list remaining time.
  • It allows to assign voiceovers to the songs in a specific play list. This way, every list can have a different set of voiceovers. Besides, you can associate voiceovers to random tracks.
  • A new list type has been added: TPL. This kind of file creates an infinite list based on random tracks. The audio pick up process is carried out in background, displaying in the list the titles of the audios that are going to be played in the following 15 minutes.


  • New user management system. Prior password protection has been removed and, instead of it, a new user management system has been added with the following features:
  • It allows to create as many users as you need.
  • Each user has his own password.
  • The auditor tool keeps track of the user that was active when a given audio was played.
  • Each user can have access to a different module set. The following actions may be limited:
    • Save lists.
    • Modify lists.
    • Change playback mode.
    • Schedule events.
    • Enable and disable events.
    • Play pending events.
    • Remove pending events.
    • Access to auditor tool.
    • Access to voice track editor (sweepers editor in previous version).
    • Access to options dialog.
    • Minimize the application.
    • Close the application.
    • User management.
    • Modify window layout.

Other improvements

  • Option to log the file name only, rather than the full path.
  • Full-screen option.
  • Minimize button in auditor tool.
  • AGC configuration has been improved. It now provides 3 predefined presets (soft, medium and hard).
  • Fades has been improved. Now, it is more smooth.
  • The players allow to access to the most recent playlists.
  • The end of the song detector is now disabled in audios that have a customized overlap point.
  • Random tracks management has been redesigned internally.
  • It includes ZaraOverlap tool, which calculates the optimum overlap period for music files automatically and appends it to the file name.