Frequently asked questions

Any recent Windows-capable computer should be enough. However, as a guide, these could be the minimum requirements:

  • Intel core i3 processor.
  • 2 GB RAM memory.
  • Two DirectSound sound cards (just one if you don't need to prelisten).
  • Windows 7, 8.1 or 10.
  • 1024x768 pixels screen resolution.

ZaraStudio 3 costs 170 EUR plus shipping and VAT. VAT is only applicable for UE customers without a VAT Number. Besides, we offer ZaraRadio Free Edition for small stations.

When buying version 3, the user receives a CD with the installation program, a USB dongle with the license and a PDF user manual. It is not possible to download the application.

No, as ZaraStudio 3 needs a USB key to work. However, you will be able to download the software once you have the USB key.

Currently, we accept three payment methods: bank transfer, PayPal and 3-D secure credit cards.

The Free edition is based on version 1.6.1. It contains small improvements and bug fixes. Version 3 contains new features.

You will find several free announcements in the downloads section, which are distributed in two formats: EXE and ZIP. The EXE format includes an installer that copies the files in your computer automatically. The ZIP format is oriented to advanced users. In order to install it, you can to decompress the file within the Time folder of ZaraStudio (usually C:\Program files\ZaraSoft\ZaraStudio\Time). The MP3 files must be placed within the Time folder, and not within a Time subfolder.

ZaraStudio is not a program designed for that purpose, but it is a program that automates audio playback. Anyway, it can be used along with other programs to broadcast an Internet station. Some of those programs are OddCast, Butt or WinAmp with the Shoutcast plugin.

ZaraStudio has enabled, by default, an end of song detector. In the moment it detects a low audio level at the end of the file, it automatically jumps to the next playlist item. In the case of small files, like IDs, jingles and so on, this can make ZaraStudio jump too soon. To avoid this situations, you can specify a specific overlap to each file. In order to make that, you have to rename the file, adding the suffix ~ followed by the time in seconds with the maximum overlap. For instance, the file ID~0.mp3 will always be played until the end, as it has a zero seconds overlap.

You need the program Weather Watcher. It can be downloaded from You can find more information in ZaraStudio's help.

No. We have concentrated our efforts only in the Windows version, as it is the most extended operating system. Currently there are no plans to port ZaraStudio to other platforms.

ZaraStudio allows you to connect with Internet stations that broadcast in MP3 or WMA format. In order to play such a station, just go to Playlist > Add Internet station. Type the connection length and the address. Make sure you type the real stream address, and not M3U, PLS or ASX playlists.