ZaraStudio 3 Main Screen

ZaraStudio 3

  • Solution for radio automation.
  • Works with any Windows-compatible sound card.
  • Supports the most common audio formats: MP3, WAV, MP2, OGG, WMA, FLAC, AAC+.
  • Easy to use and maintain.

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ZaraStudio is an application designed to automate radio stations, though its features make it useful too for supermarkets, shops, coffees...

Random music styles, fades and automatic overlaps between songs based on sound level, DTMF tones detection without additional hardware, remote control through the parallel port, a complete events system, four aux players and handling up to six sound cards simultaneously are some of the features that have made it a very popular solution in lots of stations around the world.

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ZaraTraffic is an application to manage radio stations commercials.

Generating automatically commercial blocks without worring about how to distribute the commercials, creating broadcast reports, making invoices or managing clients are extremely easy tasks with ZaraTraffic.

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  • ZaraTraffic 1.1 available. New commercial management software
  • New ZaraStudio 3 available